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By December 18, 2015Ask Bruno

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  • Joyce says:

    My chihuahua’s nose appears dry. I believe this may be just chapped, as she is otherwise very healthy. Is it safe to apply vaseline to her nose?

  • Bruno says:

    Hi Joyce!

    A dry nose is actually something my Mom sees pretty frequently in dogs, especially certain breeds, such as Boxers, and in older dogs. Usually, and I emphasize the word usually, a dry, crusty nose does not reflect the presence of an underlying disease process, but it is important that you have this checked out by a doctor to be sure there isn’t anything else going on first. That being said, you can safely apply petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, to the surface of the nose, but this may just make your puppy lick her nose more, removing the jelly, and perhaps even making her nose more dry because of the increased licking. You may have better luck with a thicker compound, something that I have heard works well for this around the dog park is a product called Snout Soother made by the Natural Dog Company.

    I hope your pup’s nose gets better soon!



  • suzette baginski says:

    what makes a dog suddenly go after another dog that he was playing with all day, it’s like he snaps and then attacks for no reason. No toys or food around

  • Kristina says:

    Hi Bruno,
    I have a 3 1/2 month old puppy and he is waking me up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, when i take him outside he goes. Is this normal? Should he be able to hold his pee for longer?


  • Patricia Neeson says:

    My new puppy(12 weeks) pees when she’s excited to see someone. Is that something that will stop on its own or do I need to do something to help her with that?

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